Looking for a return on investment (ROI) for your proactive public relations? Think of your proactive placements as making deposits into a bank. I am not talking about a financial bank, but a trust bank.

Every time you place a proactive message, news story, or create community goodwill, you are adding to your company’s brand equity. Over time, your brand equity will increase.

In a time of crisis, you may need to make a withdrawal from your trust bank. Will there be any equity in your bank to make that withdrawl? Will your customers give you a pass, because in the past you were a proven pillar of that community?

In the PR Wars podcast “Tip of the Spear” we talk to a Lenovo communications executive about how equity in a trust bank helped the computer giant through both the trade war crisis and the pandemic.

The PR Wars “Comms 101″ segment recognizes core communication principles to help you become a better communicator.

PR Wars was selected as a Top PR Podcast You Must Follow in 2020 by Feedspot.

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