Are QR codes back from the dead?

Are QR codes back from the dead?

For years, the only thing more hated than the QR code by marketing designers is the comic sans font. Are QR codes making a comeback?

In the age of COVID-19, QR codes are popping up in restaurants across the country as a touchless way to bring up a menu. No more touching those old germ infested menus.

Communicating a url link on a design isn’t perfect either. The menu.pdf often lives deep in a site architecture with a really long url.

Despite all of the QR code hate, what if people become comfortable scanning a QR code? It starts with a restaurant menu. But if the public adopts the QR code, you may see the QR code make a comeback.

QR codes were almost extinct. If the public adopts the technology, you may see them come back to retail stores, instruction manuals, museums, and tourist destinations. Can you think of a way that a QR code would help a creative design become “touchless?”

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